Darkness  May 14, 2008 - May 31, 2008

Contest Completed


1st place - Roses Red
2nd place - The Bright Blue Baseball Cap.
3rd place - [writing deleted]
4th place - What\'s That Smell?
5th place - If Anna-Leigh Hadn\'t Lived


We all have our inner demons whatever they may be
We all hide things so that others may not see

So here i beckon the things that go bump in the night
whether under the bed or in our head, when theres is no light

A contest to the darker side but all in good fun
With plenty of screams and shivers when the deed is done

A little intro

In truth this contest should be about what darkness is to everyone- Think Edgar Allan Poe. Breaching insanity anything you can think have fun with it. was browsing other contests thought I would try to challenge you guys!


Just bragging rights really- But I wont be the only one judging a really great author whose name i Cant mention will be reading too so just know those who place. Your work is very well done


The realest
The realest
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