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Geoffrey Chaucer - Byzantium
Dante Aligheri - Historical Knight
Minstrel of Talent - Omar Khayyam
Bard of Talent - What chivalry?
Scribe of Talent - Her Royal Hand


Hear ye, hear ye! For this contest I'd like submissions that have to do with the Medieval and/or Renaissance times. Most contests that I create are ones that I would like to enter--this one is no different.
Please don't enter any of these things--
Fantasy; I like fantasy too, but it's just not what I'm looking for in this contest.
Mature; I know, I know, the Medieval Times were just as ugly as the world is today. Still, I'm under eighteen and I just don't like to read that stuff.
Books; Even if you have a modern Canterbury Tales on your page, in all frankness I do not have time to read it. I'm sure it's great. Really, I am.


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Scott Free
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