December Poetry Contest  December 9, 2011 - December 16, 2011

Contest Completed


December Champion - Magic
December Runner-up - Dark devotion
December 3rd - Butterfly Wings


Ooo lookie here. I found out how to make a contest. I'd like to make one every month if possible ;)

For these contests I'll be posting a theme, you have to write about the theme obviously =p

Ways you'll win:

*Length (Not too short, and not too long. I want just enough meat in it. There is no limit! Just make sure it has an impact for the size.)
*Word use (I love word-play. Also, big words.)
*Use of Rhyming OR not use of rhyming (What I mean by this is. If you Rhyme, make it sound good (obviously), but if you don't Rhyme, make it sound good (obviously =p)
*Interest (Make it interesting. Make me say "Wow..."

Topic for this month? Anything! This will be the only time where you can write exactly what you feel about anything.

Deadline to get your piece in will be December 16th, 2011!

I will announce the winners shortly after. Probably the 16th and definitely the 17th.

Good luck everyone, and may your souls be sore after this contest ;)


Pride! If I get enough people, cash prizes will probably start pumping out ;)


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