December issue of Novi zvon lit. magazine  November 10, 2013 - November 24, 2013

Contest Completed


Published - Second Street
Published - Aubade
Published - Our Dream Made Flesh
Published - Broken Pathways
Published - Step On A Crack
Published - Stormlit
Published - [writing deleted]
Published - Nothing To say
Published - MARK TWAIN SUN
Published - [writing deleted]


The slovenian online literary magazine Novi zvon has a special issue planned for the upcoming month.

We would like to present to the Slovenian literary scene art written in the English language. This is not merely an occasion to showcase work in a different language, but also a chance to present to the Slovenian readers literature that is manifested outside the country borders.

We accept poetry, short stories and short screenplays or stage plays.

There is no specific theme set for this particular edition. The only requirement is that the submited writing is in English.


$0.00, Publication in the magazine


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Novi zvon
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