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You Win! - Different Wavelengths
You Win! - The Prince
You Win! - The Importance of Wisdom


For creative passionate writers, I am happy to announce a new publication premiering soon with the ideas modern writers have about our modern world and creative ideas to share as well for those who love the inspiration of fiction.

Before we get started with our submissions, please take some time to review the website where the publication is going to be premiered:

We will be selling print as you sell copies online along with the merchandise, so please feel inspired to review the details entirely before you submit.

The series is a professional and intellectual collection dedicated to inspiring lighting up the dark rather than darking up the light and it is about education and inspiration.

Please write something that can be read by children and children who might be able to relate this to their studying: these books may be shared with students and also translated for students in other countries.

Winners will be offered a contract with the publication which attributes a percentage of revenue to be delivered to you intermittently. These percentages have been adjusted to meet the division of writers minus 15% to go to a certain cause plus 5% to promotions and prized for Decipher contest winners.

Be advised that Decipher is not currently a profiting material unless it is advertised and sold, yet under contracts and appropriate attribution to sales reaching any point you will be entitled to revenue!


1. The title is catchy
2. The key core theme is about virtues over vices
3. There is passion and rich thick wording
4. You have a lot of grace and symbolism
5. You are amusing beyond words (I want something you can decipher).

Tips for the win:
1. Mysteriousness is key
2. It's about dreams and passion for accomplishing goals.
3. Avoid using first person.

Please feel free to write a short story I want to believe in, people will find amusing and whimsical, and children will find educational. Above all writers for this journal will be honored as profound for winning these awards.

-I am looking for very high quality writers who may even be interested in writing for the publication permanently and continuing publication with the journal, "Cause," as well as the books.

Winners will be announced by podcast: stay tuned for the winners of Decipher Press on the radio show: The Decipher Show

A. Freedom

Write a powerfully profound story, and write like the wind! Show us the realm you've been dreaming of making me wish to BELIEVE to be real. Use thick symbolic text will to strike my awe.

B. Intriguing

Interesting hobbies, talents, or knowledge? Please tell me what you know and make people want to explore their inner talents and evoke inner passions for exploring the unique and creative world. I like nature and a really cool cool story about a specific ANIMAL might win. Try telling me about how to make it up a mountain as a rock climber, or what it means to you that you can hit those notes while playing the trumpet. Seriously, I like a good scientific pieces too, or a story related to unique lifestyles, living peacefully, freely etc;

C. Supernatural

Please tell me a story about a person who has the advantage(s) of _________, who can go outside and play with _________(s), while playing with ________, something _________ happens, it is is a slight concern because__________________! Oh no!

We hope that _________ will be okay. This is the tale of _________ who overcame ______, _______, ________ and learned to _________ in the end with the POWER of _________. This does not have to be cutesy, but writers who inspire faith in virtues will win.

D. An ode to imagination. Can you write a feature story on day dreams? Please submit three main points about why it is important that people are are expressive of their THOUGHTS, how they can benefit from daydreaming, and what it is that makes ideas so significant.

E. I wish you all the best of luck. I hope you are all inspired to write powerfully profound stories and please feel free to use these templates as guides for future thoughts to writing. One more thing before we get to the last epic profound idea: write about a LUCKY thing or a lucky event.

F. Riddles Write me a story about riddles which need to be solved.

G. Codes.

Write a strictly powerful and moving piece regarding philosophy and use references to key values. Make the moral extra intriguing and virtuous.

Please answer the following questions in your submission:

When I say ____________, you believe:_________________.

Feel free to use these concepts and words for the story, and you will likely win bonus points!


Your response may be from one word to a whole paragraph.


$100, You win!


Ellie Luck
Ellie Luck
Twister Town, CA


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