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Feature Publication - Prodigy
second place Publication - Imagination
third place Publication - Deliverance


For creative passionate writers, I am happy to announce a new publication journal premiering soon with the ideas modern writers have about our modern world and creative ideas to share as well for those who inspire love of fiction.

The press is a professional and intellectual journal inspiring light in the darker rather than some of our darker pieces and it is about educating and inspiring.

Please write something that can be read by children and children who might be studying a certain topic in school, as this journal may be shared with students and also translated for students in other countries.

Winners will be offered a contract with the publication which attributes your number of pages published to a rightful percentage of the publication. Pages may only be a maximum of three journal pages (so try to keep it short).

Be advised that Decipher is not a profiting journal unless it is advertised and sold and sellers may profit more as well under contracts and appropriate attribution to sales reaching any higher point than a decided number (If you sell around 15% of copies you will be entitled to a higher percentage of the journal's revenue).

1. The title is catchy
2. The key core theme is about virtues over vices
3. There is passion and rich thick wording
4. You have a lot of grace and symbolism
5. You are amusing beyond words (I want something you can decipher).

Please feel free to write a short story, poem which I would to believe in, find amusing and whimsical, educational, and above all writers for this journal will be nobled as profound for winning my attention.

-I am looking for very high quality writers who may even be interested in writing for the publication permanently and continuing publication with the journal, "Decipher."

Winners will be announced by podcast: stay tuned for the winners of Decipher Press TBA on the radio show: TBA from facebook page updates:


Ellie Luck
Ellie Luck
Twister Town, CA


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