Deep in the Ocean  June 1, 2010 - June 2, 2010

Contest Completed


At the Bottom of the Ocean - Dear Baby
Inspirationally Deep - Memories
Original and Deep - [writing deleted]


Deep in the Ocean is a contest for the writers who have a piece that is deep and insprational. I'm not expecting many entrants because it is only a short period of time. New writers are encouraged to enter.

I want:

-Inspiration for a new piece
-Poems and Short Stories (no longer than 7000 words long please)
-To be in third person (he, she)
-A start that hooks me in (for stories mainly)
-A end that ties everything up (for stories mainly)
-A great title that makes me want to read (I am not the best at titles, I want to get some ideas, it's okay if you aren't either)

All these rules of course can be slightly bended. I will review each of your piece/pieces. I give helpful critisim to how you can become a better writer.


Reviews on other works. If you haven't already got it you get a contest badge.


Nelson, New Zealand


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Created Jun 1, 2010