Deepest Love Poem Contest!  August 19, 2011 - August 25, 2011

Contest Completed


1st place - Starcrossed
2nd place - Moments In Time
3rd place - To You (Only You)
4th place - My meaning of Love
5th place - My Very Little Love Ballad
6th place - I Will Wait For You
7th place - [writing deleted]
8th place - [writing deleted]
9th place - Will You Marry Me?
10th place - Forbidden Dream


Write the deepest (maybe darkest) love poem you can. Put as much emotion into as you can. Winners will be chosen by how deep, how emotional it is. Make it interesting, make the reader beg to want to know what happens. It could be about a person, an object, anything. Doesn't matter if the mood is happy or dark. Good luck and happy writing!


The satisfactory of being a good love poet!!!


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Niko Timmy
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