Define A Word  August 26, 2012 - October 26, 2012

Reading and Deliberating


Pick a word, and write a definition. The most detailed and depthful yet still interesting definitions will win.

The Rules:
1. Your word must be a real word, but it can be any real word and creativity is encouraged.
2. Your definition can not be one this word actually means in life. Like, if I googled the word, the same definition wouldn't pop up. Be creative, metaphores are welcome, try and be imaginitive yet realistic or see what happens and you can do with a word.
3. Respect the other writers, if you are mean or rude to any other contestens, your writing will be disqualified.
4. Have fun!


Pride and (maybe) a smile


Defining 1st Place Winner Defining 1st Place Winner
Defining 2nd Place Winner Defining 2nd Place Winner
Defining 3rd Place Winner Defining 3rd Place Winner


The Shadow of a Full Moon


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