Demonstrate your Creativity! Short Stories of Three Elements  August 22, 2016 - October 15, 2016

Reading and Deliberating


A chance to exercise your creativity and perhaps write your next masterpiece!

The short story you submit must take place in one of the settings below, involve one or more of the below objects, and somehow incorporate one of the final elements below.

First, pick from one of the following settings:
- A parallel universe to our own which is largely the same with some very noticeable differences, which must play a role in the story.
- An abandoned lighthouse during a storm.
- A floating city.
- An underground bunker.
- A cemetery

Select one or more of the following objects; it (or they) must play a role in your story:
- Eyepatch
- Mysterious lock box
- Stuffed bear
- Golden chalice
- Broken pocket watch
- Pair of binoculars
- Map to an unknown land

And finally, pick one of the below elements. This must be incorporated into the story in some way.
- A mysterious stranger
- A gate to another world
- A person sentenced to death
- An ill omen
- A regrettable night

Please try and keep your stories between 300 and 5000 words!


Masterful - First place Masterful - First place
Excellent - Second place Excellent - Second place
Gripping - Third place Gripping - Third place



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