Depressing Forbidden Love  January 26, 2011 - January 28, 2011

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Commission full body couple - Even An Angel Can Fall
Commission full body couple - The Broken Pieces of Her Shattered Heart
Full body commission of couple - Angel's Lilac Wings
Knee an up commission of couple - Flowers To Weeds
Waist up commission of couple - unreachable


Forbidden any emotion is fine ...forbidden hate, passion, interests??!!
Doesn't have to be mushy, I'm actually just in need of something to get me all sad so I can finish one of my stories...tragic ending
btw I'm not talking about like prince princess stuff more like....Brokeback Mountain, Dreamboys , Romeo and Juliet. Y'know

****Rulez (yeah rules blow)
-Yeah sex is okay so is smut if you feel you need it to portray.
-Tragic no happily ever after!!
-Go ahead and be as racist stereotypical bigoted sexist as you want use bad language if its for YOUR CHARACTER. Go all out!
-limit 10 pages


This is the styles of art that the prizes are done in:



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