Depression, Self hurt, Saddnes.....  June 20, 2012 - June 25, 2012

Contest Completed


I understand where your coming from - Made For Pain
i feel for you - [writing deleted]
you have gone through a lot but you have stead strong - [writing deleted]
things will get better - Self Medicating
you made me feel as if i went through it - Invisible Tears
those are some of the things i have gone through - [writing deleted]
it wont last forever - Words That You Whisper
thing will change - The Perfect prison
you are a strong person - The Choice
you made me cry - [writing deleted]


this contest is for those of you who have gone through depression or had something tragic happen to you and this is where you can have your work be possible awarded and have someone who has gone through almost all of it read and understand where you are coming from and award your writing correctly




♥ Lexii Boo ♥
♥ Lexii Boo ♥
Big Bear , CA


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Created Jun 20, 2012

Mary Jo. Clare
My works are based off my real thoughts and experiences. Please allow yourself to truly experience and relate to them!
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