Describe and Use Your Senses to Write. FUN!!!!  May 17, 2007 - June 11, 2007

Contest Completed


1st Place: Descriptor Master - [writing deleted]
2nd Place: Descriptor 2nd in Command - [writing deleted]
3rd Place: Descriptor Ace - [writing deleted]
4rth Place: Descriptor Describer - [writing deleted]


Write about an event, fiction or non-fiction, in as much depth as possible. Not only are you to go crazy about description, but you also need to include very developed charictors (spelled wrong) if it is a story, and a very graphic scene if it is a poem. You DO NOT HAVE TO DO BOTH THINGS!!!

Most Importantly: You must include all of the senses of living being. (Taste, Touch, Feel, Smell, Hear) If you can, it will help greatly if you include the sixth sense. (Intuition)

I am not asking much, and I hope you follow my rules... Because if you don't... I'll write you telling of you're rejected piece.


A link to your Piece winning on my profile. A shinny trophy or award. A Brief congrats. And an invisable Underwear gnome.


Aaron J. Wald
Aaron J. Wald
Plymouth, MN


Created May 16, 2007