Devastated  November 2, 2008 - December 2, 2008

Contest Completed


Devastating - Unbearable Misery of Life
Agonizing - Wellbutrin
Torturous - I Swear I\'m Not
Heart-breaking - Nothing but sad goodbyes...
Anguish - [writing deleted]
Depressing - Wave on wave...
Soul-wrenching - BREAD
Excruciating - How You Treat Me
Woeful - [writing deleted]
Distressing - In the silence
Dismal - [writing deleted]
Forlorn - Demolishing My Dreams
Sorrowful - Vexation
Despairing - Heartbroken
Painful - Threadbare Soul
God that hurt - [writing deleted]
Kill me now - Slit the Skin, Etched In Flesh
I can't stop crying - The Lonely Footprint
Sad - Last Walk
Sad - Anatomy Lesson


Give me your deepest, darkest, emotional, soul-wrenching, heart-breaking poems about being in the worst possible state of mind: depressed, suicidal, grief-stricken, heart-broken, filled with rage, hate, bitterness, sadness. Make it powerful. Make it devastating. Make me feel your pain.


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