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Do The Interview, Vent Radio Contest!  January 5, 2008 - January 28, 2008

Contest Completed


Vent Poet Supreme, Guest Spot - [writing deleted]
Vent Poet Ace - What Does It Mean Anyway?
Vent Poet Pro - [writing deleted]
Vent Poet Expert - [writing deleted]
Great Venter - [writing deleted]
Good Venter - Virtual Dirt
Fellow Venter - Defining the Line


In this writing contest, we are asking for your best vent piece. A vent is anything that expresses your distaste for something. It can be about anything from bees to trees- to knees and the breeze, LOL! But seriously, write your best POEM about what irks you. If chosen #1, you will be featured in the Vent Radio writing group and INTERVIEWED live on our show. We will ask you about your writing process and have you recite your poem on the get writing!


Interview, guest spot on Vent Radio!



Created Jan 5, 2008