Documenting the Present  February 10, 2011 - March 11, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


We all know the classics and how they were written. Many of them talk about love and nature and anything around them. They talk about their present, as it was to them, documenting it so to speak. And here we are living in a new world, looking back at what used to be.

Let us document OUR present. Texting, Email, Kindles, Facebook, Twitter, Cell phones, all sorts of things! Let us be like Shakespeare and Waldo and Thoreau and document what we see. That way, when the world looks back, they can see what our world was like, and live it through our words.

If you're not quite sure what it is I'm wanting, read my poem "Thirty Two Characters" In it, I reference texting. I want to see how well the rest of you can document our present.


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