Don't Look Now  June 17, 2010 - August 19, 2010

Contest Completed


Flooding with tears. - [writing deleted]
Someone get me tissuse. - `Don't`
Did anyone cut a onion? - sickness...
I'm crying for you on the inside. - Broke(n).
Doesn't that just brake your heart. - Day by Day
Wow thats depressing. - [writing deleted]
I can't believe that happend. - What I am
Depressing - An Easier Form of Suicide
Heart Brakeing - Imprisoned By Insanity
Sad - Sorry


This is a contest to see if anyone can make me cry. To see if you can write somthing that is filled with passion and pain. I want to have to use a whole box of tissuses when I'm done reading you piece. This can be anything from a book to a simple poem, just write the most depressing thing you can think of.
Thank you and have fun writng.


Props for dong a good job


Andrea L. Cox
Andrea L. Cox
Cape Coral, FL


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