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Down & Out  September 12, 2008 - September 13, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner! Congrats! You have depressed me! - Murder/ Suicide
Second Place! Shall we share this boat? - [writing deleted]
Third Place! Want to borrow a box of tissues? - Ghostlike and Waiting
Fourth Place! Sniff! Sniff! - As I swing
Honorable Mention! and a nod - Love is a defense mechanism
Honorable Mention! and a wink - Coffins In The Sky


Sigh. It's raining, i'm tired, and strung-out. Give me your most depressing work. Any style, poems only.

No mushy love crap please!


A Mark of Talent


The Lady Anasteja
The Lady Anasteja
Stroudsburg, PA


26 Contestants
26 Submissions
Created Sep 12, 2008