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hi writers,
I know that we all will be surely in love with one person, and who is always close to our heart, and would secretly wish that we could take that special person to some special place, away from this busy bustling world, so now it comes,
write a poem/ story, which will where you would like to take your loved one, and describe it in a imaginery, fantacising manner, romanticsm involved, this should bring out your dreams.....

dear, you are mine,
your smile is my sunshine,
wish to take you far from this world
where only you and me, in love twirled,
let's travel up and high,
maybe find a spongy cloud and lie,
build a house so sweet, made of cholocate cake,
and milk served in star studded glass, when you wake,
lets join hands and play for a while
wish to always stay close and watch your lovely smile,
will gather dew drops and grains of rain,
you can take bath and wash away your pain,
when it gets dark, i shall gift you a moon studded ring,
slid on your finger when you are playing in a cloudy swing,
i will kiss you strong on this silent night,
and you shall lay on my lap and i'll make you sleep tight,
dear, you are mine,
your smile, is my sunshine!



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Created Dec 26, 2009