Dreamscape  June 20, 2011 - June 23, 2011

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Overall Favourite - [writing deleted]
Picasso Dream Painter - [writing deleted]
Surreal Dream Artist - Daphne Daffodil~
Nightmare Sculptor - quicksand dreamland
Dream of Dreams - [writing deleted]
Big Dreamer - Castle of Grey
Dreamer - heaven has a high thread count...
Dreamer - The Broken Looking Glass
Didn't Read Rules - Pesadilla


Contest time again!

This time - dreams - paint me a dream, write about a dream you've had etc.

some rules - 1) HAS to be a NEW piece so as of the date of this contest - 2) I don't know anyone who dreams in black and white so I want it surreal/abstract/unique - I'll leave you to interpret that as you see it!

Old works will be ignored, as will work that is completely irrelevant to the contest - enter at risk here you may win a special badge...

Below is a picture which you may choose to use, or draw inspiration from, but it's completely up to you - dream away!

(Poetry ONLY - any form, style - just of a dream - make that clear) - no idea why awards link to the picture lol


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