Dreamscape  July 25, 2014 - August 8, 2014

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Master of Nightly Adventures - poem: warm shallow seas
Dreamscape Royalty - STAGE THREE
Nightmare (in a Good Way) - Machines of the Little People - Dream


Hello all!

It's been quite a while since I held a contest! For this one, I would like you to focus on your dreams! Not your aspirations or ambitions for the future, but your nightly adventures, those surreal landscapes where anything is possible. I'll be looking for detailed wording and rich vocabulary, like a snapshot into your subconscious. I know you cannot disappoint!

For the rules, please no pictures, videos, music, or obnoxious fonts. All kinds of writing is accepted: poetry, lyrics, stories, screenplays, etc. I will not be reading whole books however, just first chapters (unless I'm really hooked, of course).

That's it! Thanks for entering my contest, and have fun!


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Created Jul 25, 2014