Dreamscape  September 2, 2009 - September 22, 2010

Reading and Deliberating


I'm looking for poetry and short stories about dreams or that have a dream-like quality to them. Something surreal, lots of imagery.

Can be any genre, with one rule. If your writing is erotic in nature, please put some reference to that in the title. I have children who can read, and I'd like the warning, before I open it, so I can read those pieces while the kids are in bed.

Spelling and grammar issues will be overlooked. I'll begin deliberation once I have enough entries...about thirty should do it.


the smile of self-satisfaction you


What Dreams May Come Award What Dreams May Come Award
Alice in Wonderland Award Alice in Wonderland Award
Stephen King Award Stephen King Award
Literotica Award Literotica Award
Most frightening Most frightening
Most surreal Most surreal
Most sensual/erotic Most sensual/erotic


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J. Carly Swann
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