EPIC CONTEST  November 3, 2007 - December 14, 2007

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Are you prepared for a contest of EPIC proportions like no other? A contest that runs over multiple rounds testing writers stamina and skill with new surprises? A contest so BIG you won�t know what hit you? Yes this is the EPIC CONTEST.

The aim of this contest is for you to write an adventure story that consists of 10 parts/chapters. Each round you are required to submit the next piece of your story. But wait there�s more! Each round there is a new element(s) you must add to your story testing your creativity and ability to work on a tight schedule.
Round 1 is open to all writers who wish to enter but to be allowed to enter round 2 you must have been one of the top 20 finalists, only 15 will be invited to round 3, in round 4 only 10, in round 5 only 9�etc. until after 10 rounds we finally get down to one final winner. A writer who can claim the name of EPIC CHAMPION.
Yes it will be a long and challenging but think of it as an ULTIMATE test for all writers to prove themselves and by the end of it you will have a finished story. (which is good if you have trouble committing your self to writing a story).


round one is the orientation chapter/part of your story. There are no real limitations in this round. However, remember this is an adventure story and so the character needs to embark on a journey of some sort, even if they don�t quite realise it yet. But the journey must be apparent by the end of part one even if there is just a line like �we leave at dawn�.

If you have any questions or need help or clarification please message me.

Also, I would love your opinion or ideas on the contest in general so even if you are not planning on entering could you please message me and let me know what you think.

Thanks and good luck on your EPIC journeys,


What if I don�t get through a certain round?

If you don�t make it past a certain round but are still determined to finish the ten part quest and get my opinion feel free to go to each round and write you next part (but don�t enter it) but instead send it my way via link in a message. If there is a large number of missed out contestants who wish to continue their journey but didn�t make it to a certain round I may open an epic �just missed out� contest. However I will require at least 5 requests to do so.

What if I miss a deadline?
Part of this contest is being able to work in a small time frame, so I am sorry if you miss a deadline you are out of the contest, I know it�s a bit harsh but this is no ordinary contest and that�s the way it works. Don�t worry too much though because I will give out reminders and if you are intending on going on holiday or going away and don�t think you�ll make the deadline because of this I can arrange for the contest to be open earlier or extend deadlines but you need to give plenty of notice�.just message me and we will discuss.

What happens if I want to quit?
This contest is about stamina and skill and if you enter you are making a commitment to the contest so if you get through to the next round you are expected to submit a piece or the contest won�t work. If you want to drop out of the contest at any time please let me know and don�t just �not submit� a piece and I�ll try and arrange it so you dropping out has as little effect as possible on the contest. And if you need help please message me.

How long will this contest take? What are the time frames and dates?
At this point in time rough dates for when each round starts and ends have been set with submissions for the last round expected to end sometime early April 2008. However nothing is set in stone yet, but to help you with deadlines once the submissions for this contest begin I�ll post the next round (or perhaps 2) so you can start getting ideas for what you are going to write and know when you have to be done by. At the moment it is expected that you have about 20 days to submit work in each round. For more specific details or if you want to receive more updates just message me.

What happens if I don�t incorporate all the elements asked?
Creativity and using what is being asked is a big part of this contest and how well you incorporate the required elements will be a big part of how I pick winners. So, you aren�t doing yourself any favours by not adding in all the elements, and I may not pick a better quality work without the elements over one that isn�t quite as good that does has them. But if there is a HUGE quality differenced or a fair few entries that didn�t incorporate all the required elements I may chose the other way round. The best way you can maximise your chances of being picked is to do what is required to your best ability and ask questions or clarification if you�re a bit unsure.

have a question still left unasked? mail me!


Its about the journey not the desintation, but the winner of round one will recieve a reveiw of a piece of work of their choice, a shiny badge and the 20 finalists will be invited to compete in round 2!


EPIC Winner (round one) EPIC Winner (round one)
the very almost EPIC Winner (round one) the very almost EPIC Winner (round one)
3rd Place in the EPIC Contest (round one) 3rd Place in the EPIC Contest (round one)
4th in the EPICA! (round one) 4th in the EPICA! (round one)


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Created Oct 26, 2007

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  • Writing may be submitted 11/3/2007 - 12/14/2007
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Jazlean is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact Jazlean if you have any further questions.