Earn Your Badge 2  November 22, 2010 - December 17, 2010

Contest Completed


Best of the Newcomers - Los Angeles
A Nobel Fledgling - New Boston: The Kingdom of Innocence
A Deserving Freshman - The Mourning of Achilles
Acknowledged Newbie - A walk to remember


This is a contest for good writers who have yet to earn their contest winner badge. Obviously you can't have the badge to enter.

You're being judged on the quality of your writing, remember that. This is a contest for good, unacknowledged writers -- not writers who suck and think this is an easy way to earn credit. You may think I'm harsh but it's a reality that not everyone is going to be a good writer. And good writing does not simply mean that it's from the heart, if that's your only argument, you're not a good writer. Also, I am very strict with grammar and spelling. Please try to be original.

This is the second time I've done this contest (as alluded to in the title), it's been a while but I figured this is a good contest to keep up, so I might be doing this regularly.


pretty ribbons, a review, and your contest winner badge!


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