Earn Your Badge  July 26, 2010 - August 2, 2010

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Best of the Newcomers - The Fast
A Nobel Fledgling - [writing deleted]
A Deserving Freshman - Mood Perfect
Acknowledged Newbie - my life


This is a contest for good writers who have yet to earn their contest winner badge. Obviously you can't have the badge to enter.

You're being judged on the quality of your writing, remember that. This is a contest for good, unacknowledged writers -- not writers who suck and think this is an easy way to earn credit. You may think I'm harsh but it's a reality that not everyone is going to be a good writer. And good writing does not simply mean that it's from the heart, if that's your only argument, you're not a good writer. Also, I am very strict with grammar and spelling.

Try to be original. NO BOOKS OR CHAPTERS. All poetry is acceptable. All stage plays, screen plays and stories must be LESS than 2000 words.


acknowledgement and I always review


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