Easy as ABC?  May 9, 2012 - May 14, 2012

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I have been on the site for over a week and have yet to encounter this form of poetry.

An ABC poem is a short form of poetry consisting of five lines. It is used to convey a feeling. The first four lines must start with consecutive letters of the alphabet, the fifth line may start with any letter of your choice.

EG: Ellysian Lullaby by L.J.Clayton

Eternity beckons (next 3 lines to follow the alphabet)
Guides us
Ellysian lullaby (5th line may start with any letter of your choice)

Each line is usually capitalised and there should be a sense of cohesion between each line.

New entries to the site only please. All entries must remain exclusive to this contest for it's duration and until the results are posted.

I aim to have the results posted within 48 hours of the deadline.

Have fun ;@))


1st = 3 reviews, 2nd = 2 reviews, 3rd = 1 review.


L. J. Clayton
L. J. Clayton
United Kingdom


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