Easy reading for the casual person.  June 28, 2011 - July 31, 2011

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Best Casual Piece - [writing deleted]
Honourable 2nd Place - [writing deleted]
Healthy 3rd Place - In My Head
Well Worth A Read - [writing deleted]
Well Worth A Read - More Nightmares


So. Obviously we are all writers on here - but an aweful lot of us still have other things to do with our time.

Now, I love to read things, but sometimes don't have the time or the frame of mind to get deep into some meaty peice of writing. Sometimes we all just need something light to read as we go about our day.

So, anything can be posted. I don't mind 'long words' so long as they are clear in the context. Just make sure it's not too deep or if it is a story, keep it under 1500 words. Only 2 pieces per person.

If i'm having trouble with it (which isn't too likely) then I'll stop reading. Anything too wordy or complex won't be counted. The winner will be the best (decided by me - with some help). Have fun!


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