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Write a poem in the Elizabethan style (hath, shall, thee, etc). Choose one of the following as the topic/guideline for the poem:
1. A father going off to war, telling his only daughter how much he loves her
2. A King going off to war, telling his son that he is to inherit his title and is to serve his country as king if he is to pass away in battle
3. A husband going off to war, writing to his wife about how much he (1) misses her, (2) loves her, and (3) intends on being home soon after the battles are over
4. A king goes off to war, writing to another king that he gives his land over to the other king's son if he is to die in battle
Be creative, I know it's about a man going off to war, but it is inspired by my book and want to have some ideas for the plot.


Poem used as the preface to the first book still yet to be finished.


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