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End of Your Life  December 19, 2012 - January 31, 2013

Contest Completed


1st overall - Stayed Up With You All Night
2nd overall - Five Lost
3rd overall - My Time With Terry
Highly commended overall - Kidnapped
Most heroic battle/death - In the Shadow of the Guard
Most focussed on thoughts and feelings - [writing deleted]
Best introduction to the scene - Evidence of my Existence
Most well-described character - Cheeseburgers and Werewolves
Merit award 1 - Lone Orphan
Merit award 2 - The Happiest Man on Earth


Write a story about a battle of some kind that may or may not result in one of the characters dying. If your character/s is/are going to die, make sure you describe it so I either feel really sorry for them, or relieved as they were the villain.
For the battle, it can be physical or mental


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Created Dec 19, 2012