End of the Year (2017)  December 15, 2017 - January 1, 2018

Contest Completed


First Place - Times Like These
Second Place - Determination and Loyalty
Third Place - The French Reaper


This is the time to reflect on what went on this past year in your life! Write about your 2017 experience in the form of stories or poetry. It can be anything from what you've learned, what changed in your life, did your life change at all, the good, the bad, anything!

You can either write a new story and submit it, or you can choose one that you've already written if you think it fits into this contest.

Remember, this is about your life and how this year has affected it. Get as personal as you want to!

The rules:

1. You can each submit 3 works.
2. This contest is open to stories and poetry only!
3. No eroticas. Your story can have explicit content regarding language, crime, violence, etc. but this is not a smut contest.

There will be three winners and this contest ends on January 1st.

Good luck, and happy writing! :)


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