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most enjoyable - [writing deleted]


O.K. i have decided to make a high stakes contest. high stakes because only one person will win. you can enter whatever you want the winner is the pice of writing i enjoy the most. While you CAN enter anything i will tell you that Fantasy BOOKS are my fav things to read but i CANT STAND fan fiction and im sick of hearing about vampires and werewolfs. still enter them if you want i will still read them. please dont just send in one chapter of a book i will read every chapter if you enter the book. If you enter a poem make sure it is compleatly filled with emotion and come sfrom the heart and not the head, because unless i get really s**t Books storys ect, then you don't stand a chance with poems choose well and good luck.


$000000000, I will send a read request to all my current freinds for it


Matthew Ian Herrawood W
Matthew Ian Herrawood W
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