Entertain me  November 5, 2008 - December 17, 2008

Contest Completed


You Really Had Me - [writing deleted]
OMG!!! So Close - Kent Whitlock
Very Nice Work - [writing deleted]
Great Job - Don\'t Look at a Sunset
Honorable mention - As Lovers Go
Honorable mention - On My Own
Honorable mention - Roads
Honorable mention - Story removed, selected for publication
Honorable mention - Geisha House and I\'d Like to thank all the Little People
Honorable mention - The Song of the Stars
Honorable mention - Don\\\'t Cry Uncle
Honorable mention - Immortal Foe
Honorable mention - ~ Ghost ~ Girl ~
Honorable mention - COLOR ME GONE: No, Color Me Home
Honorable mention - Redemption


submit absolutely any piece of work that you think is truly entertaining, and I will be the judge. This is a contest to grow as an author, and Poetry may only be submitted at it's best. Generally, I don't read a lot of poetry, so only submit if it's really funny/clever. By entertaining, I encompass humor, erotica, fantasy, sci-fi, and action. But please...NO FANFICS! I want original work.


Valuable feedback on each and every piece submitted


Kaitlin W. Blaylock
Kaitlin W. Blaylock
Cherokee, NC


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