Erotica: The Affair,  August 31, 2008 - December 1, 2008

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What is it about the allure of the affair? Is it the thrill of conquest, the secrecy of a romantic rendezvous, or just the naughty nature of doing something you know is dishonest? Whatever the appeal is, I want to see some hot and sexy erotica about a fling on the side. Maybe the people get caught, maybe not, but it should be a story about the pursuit of a little something extra.

(Contest reopened and extended through november.)




Dirty Little Secret. Dirty Little Secret.
Raunchy Rendezvous. Raunchy Rendezvous.
Titillating Tryst. Titillating Tryst.


Jarod Lojeck
Jarod Lojeck
Stamford, CT


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