Erotica is in the house!  May 17, 2008 - October 29, 2008

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the sexiest "gifted" in the house!! - Unbearable Pleasure
Loved the sexiness of your erotica! - [writing deleted]
Erotica master/mistress in the making - [writing deleted]
notable erotica writer - [writing deleted]
notable erotica writer - Anticipation No More!
notable erotica writer - GROIN KISS


sexuality is a gift if it is used wisely. so share with me your best erotica story.

some simple rules:
1. preferably heterosexual erotica. but it's okay if you submit homosexual erotica.
2. the setting must be in a place (or two, or more!) on a house.
3. the characters shouldn't be married to each other, and they shouldn't be in an adulterous relationship.

i want your best work. good luck.


badges, proving that you have the ultimate (and steamy!) gift of sexuality! =)


Mistral Bilgera
Mistral Bilgera
Ciudad de Paradiso, Philippines


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