Exotic Lands and a Little Romance  August 29, 2010 - October 10, 2010

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Fantastic First - Wanderlust Dreamers
Spectacular Second - Heaven\'s Angel and Hell\'s Demon
Thrilling Third - After Hours


I want you to create an awsome story with characters that jump off the page, and details that pull you in. I want to hear of worlds that I would have never though could exsist, and romance so great it could never be topped.

I want you to make the characters exotic, unlike anything I have ever read. Let them have powers, let them be the only human left in a world full of the supernatural.

I don't care what it is. But don't get your hopes up, there are a few rules.

1. If you choose to use some kind of supernatural being, then don't make it the same old vampire, warewolf things. In fact, I don't even really want to see them, unless it is just something so original that I will love it. We have all read the vampire, warewolf thing. Been there, read that, and yes, probably bought that tee-shirt.

2. The story must contain some amount of romance rather it be big or small. You can make it as dirty as you want or even make it a one sided romance. It doesn't even have to be the main genre of the story. I just want a little love. Erotica is happily accepted(more like encoraged. Haha.)

3. No poetry or books. Sorry guys. Books take to long to read, and poetry, well I kinda hate poetry so I don't want to read it. It's just to, i don't know, non descriptive or something.

4. Have fun. Thats what this contest is about to push you to your limits and beyond and for you to have fun while your doing it.

Ok everyone have fun with this contest and come up with some cool ideas. It's becoming very hard to find good imaginative stories on here latley with all the poetry crowding this site.

I just want to read some good stories. No word limit, but the longer to story, the longer it will take me to read it, and time is something that I am sometimes limited on.

Everyone gets a review on their story.

Good luck everyone. Happy writing.


Review, award thingy, and the happiness of knowing you won.




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