Experimental Poetry: Grab A Book!  August 30, 2011 - September 6, 2011

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Lately I've been really getting into a form of experimental poetry where you pull a book off your shelf and turn to a random page, then use the words in order, taking no more than two at a time.

(In case that's not clear enough, a step by step description:
1. Grab a book. Any book at all.
2. Open the book to a random page.
3. Create your poem using the words, in consecutive order, on this page & the next. Do not take more than two words in a row.
4. Post your poem to Writer's Cafe and note somewhere in the description or Author's Note that it's an experimental poem using words out of a book.
5. Enter the contest!

If you're a bit confused, my poem Opportunity is an example of a poem written in this way, or feel free to mail me for clarification.

You have one week!


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Penulis Kecil
Penulis Kecil
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