FILL IN A STORY CONTEST - Creative Literary Fiction  February 25, 2009 - March 25, 2009

Reading and Deliberating


This contest will be held as such: I have written 600 words of a story.
You read the story, make whatever you want out of it, and continue it.
There are three rules stipulated, which you'll have to clarify in your narrative one way or another - again, any way you'd like.
The rules are as follows:

1. What kind of doctor is Dr. Cherry?
2. Where are they and why?
3. Where is The Captain going?

The winner will win something more than he bargained for...

Good luck to all, and here is the story down below,


Ran Bleich
this contest's creator.


The captain walked in. Everyone stood up in attention.
They stuck their elbow in my sides. I flinched. One of them, I couldn't see which, said softly, so the Captain wouldn't hear: 'That means he's a virgin!'
'O Captain! My Captain!' The first one said.
'O Captain! My Captain!' The second followed.
'At ease, gentlemen,' he said, and they sat down. I had both men on my flanks.
The Captain sized me up, reached with the cigarette he extracted out of his shirt pocket to the flame the first one kept flickering just for him, grabbed the brandy glass from the other, sat back while pulling his pants up, sighed happily and cleared his throat.
'Right, Mr. Cherry, let me�'
'Dr. Cherry,' I said.
'Dr. Cherry. Let me be the first to welcome you here. We have heard much good about your work and are nothing short of delighted to have you on board.'
'Thank you, Captain.' I said. 'Might I ask what your function in the outfit is?'
'More than may, Mr. Cherry, but�'
'Dr. Cherry.'
'Dr. Cherry, but first things first. Sgt.'
'Yes, sir.' The first one said.
'How are we fairing for dinner? I want a full report.'
The first man got up, pulled out a clipboard from the Devil knows where, and spoke.
'Tonight's supper will consist of artichokes with garlic as appetizer. First course will be a fish soup, finely grounded using fresh sea produce and seasoned with Persian yoghurt and goat's sour cream, served with a slightly charcoaled ciabatta. Next up, lamb medallions seared on oven bricks, side-dished by roast King Edward potatoes swabbed with olive oil and grated cheese, and a mixed salad comprising of twelve-hour-old roquette and organic fried seaweed. For dessert, a passion fruit tartlet with a scoop of fair traded 85% real cocoa chocolate ice cream, polished off by a nice decaf almond espresso, Captain.'
The Captain got up, strutted around the room while blowing smoke rings all over the compound's room and drummed his free fingers on his athletic stomach.
'I don't know, Sgt. This sounds risky. Garlic on fresh artichokes? It can overcome the green stalk's freshness. I trust these are fresh ones, not like the canned ones you got in Operation Modem.'
'Yes Captain,' the first one said, lowering his eyes to the floor, 'it won't happen again.'
'And olive oil potatoes? I like the cut of your jib, but I'm not sure about that�'
'And mixing chocolate with passion fruit. You're a gutsy man, Sgt., but sometimes you're ahead of your time, and I say this with the utmost admiration. Right. Now. What we're going to do is try to come up with some honest-to-God cereal baguette. Sgt.!'
'Yes Captain!' The second one said.
'Go and find a decent baker and don't forget to keep the receipt. I don't want HQ on my back. We need all the quiet we can get around here if we're to win this thing.'
'Yes Captain!'
'Yes Captain!' The first one said.
'You go and try and find us a decent steamer and some table-sized skewers for the weekend. Wooden, not plastic. This we learned with blood. If we want to win with this fondue and antipasti, we have to think like the early bird!'
'Yes Captain!'
The two left the room.
The Captain looked at me, clicked his tongue and cleared his throat once more.
'Now, as I understand it, Mr. Cherry, you�'
'Dr. Cherry.'
'Dr. Cherry, you have come to take me in.'
'That's right, Captain.'
'Good. You'll be staying for dinner then.'


Good luck!



Consideration of publication in 'Punklandia' magazine, upcoming.


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