Fairytale Retellings  August 7, 2012 - August 9, 2012

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The Best Fairytale-Retelling Author! - Happy Endings Are Just Fairytales That Haven't Finished Yet


Hey there! (:
I love to hear Fairytales, except i'm craving more! Submit all of your juicy fantastic fairytale retellings or... here, here's a challenge for you:
Tell a fairytale from another persons view, for example, take Cinderella- tell it from th glass slipper, evil stepmother, Fairy Godmother, or even stepsisters point of view!
Or maybe the beasts side of the story from Beauty and the beast?
Or the Apples side of the story from Snow White?

Short stories only please? (:

Also i'd like them to be somewhat evil? if that's okay? or creepy?


$0.00, I'll review your works ? (:


Sabrina Marie
Sabrina Marie
The Forests, NC


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