Fairytales and Magic  September 15, 2010 - September 22, 2010

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Wizzard's Best - Believe In Me
Supernatrual Grace - what they represent to me...
Paranormal Nature - The Day Hope Died
Simply Magical - Dream Lover
Honerable Mention - A Magical Fairyland


Right now, I'm in a dreaming mood and I wanted to see how creative you all could be. Poetry only. So give me something about fairytales, make believe, magic, voo doo, it can be dark it can be sexy it can be anything as long as its magical...so have at it! As always, I simply loathe things that drag on so the contest is only a week long. I would perfer it to have been written especially for this contest, no oldies. Winners will be choosen the same day as the deadline. Good luck!


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Shante Payne
Shante Payne
whatsIT2u, GA


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