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Famous Epitaph! - Rebekah\'s Epitaph
Famous Epitaph! - [writing deleted]
Famous Epitaph! - [writing deleted]
Famous Epitaph! - [writing deleted]
Famous Epitaph! - [writing deleted]
Famous Epitaph! - [writing deleted]


Create an Epitaph. It can be yours (or not), fun, serious... be as creative as you wish. This contest will be open for voting for more exposure for you. :)

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For other uses of the term Epitaph, please see Epitaph (disambiguation).
An epitaph (ἐπιτάφιος literally: "on the gravestone" in ancient Greek) is text honoring the deceased, most commonly inscribed on a tombstone or plaque. Traditionally an epitaph is in verse, but there are exceptions. Many poets have been known to compose their own epitaphs prior to their death.

Many are quotes from holy texts, or aphorisms. A good epitaph is considered to be one that is memorable, or at least makes one think. A wry trick of many successful epitaphs is to 'speak' to the reader and warn them about their own mortality; another is a request of the reader to get off their resting place, as often it would require the reader to stand on the ground above the coffin to read the inscription. Some record achievements, (e.g. past politicians note the years of their terms of office) but nearly all (excepting the tomb of the unknown soldier, where this is impossible) note name, date of birth and date of death.

Famous Epitaphs

Today for me, tomorrow for thee
� Famous Latin epitaph

No greater friend, no worse enemy
� Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Roman Dictator

I was not, I was, I am not, I do not care
� Famous Latin epitaph

Don't Try
� Poet Charles Bukowski


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Stacy A. Foster
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