Fantasy Contest (MUST. BE. ORIGINAL)  March 14, 2011 - April 14, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


I want to see original fantasy. There's more to life than vampires, people. (Though if you can do vampires in an orginal way... be my guest.)
So give me a story that thrills me, surprises me, makes me think, and keeps me turning those e-pages. The great thing about fantasy, after all, is the fact that there are no limits. In a fantasy, you aren't held in by reality... why should you be held in by cliches?

Give me at least three, no more than five chapters of a fantasy novel.

NO. FAN. FIC. At all. In any shape or form.

But on the plus side, I will count steampunk as fantasy. ^_^


$00.00, plus a review of every submitted piece


Best Story Best Story
Weirdest Story (That's agood thing, in my book) Weirdest Story (That's agood thing, in my book)
Best Original Vampire and/or Werewolf Best Original Vampire and/or Werewolf
Best Original Mythology Best Original Mythology
Most Exciting Story Most Exciting Story
Best Magical Power Best Magical Power
Coolest Lead Character Coolest Lead Character
Best Fantasy Setting Best Fantasy Setting


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