Fantasy Holiday  November 9, 2007 - November 30, 2007

Contest Completed


1st place: Holiday Fantasy and featured writer for December in Project Fantasy - [writing deleted]
2nd place: Holiday Fantasy - [writing deleted]
3rd place: Holiday Fantasy - [writing deleted]


This is for all the fantasy writers out there (and I don't mean fantasy in a sexual way, get your mind out of the gutters :) ). We all have dreamed up fantasy worlds, or even incorporated fantasy type creatures and beings in our own world. This contest is to show what the holiday season is like on your world, in your universe, or in our world with your fantasy creatures/beings.

Here's the specs:
1) Short stories only
2) No longer than 5,000 words
3) You don't have to use Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christimas etc. It can be made up holidays that happens on your world. However, this is about the holiday season and even if your world doesn't have the above mentioned holidays, the season should still be similar to what we celebrate as in: getting colder, coming together of families, and gift giving.
3) It doesn't have to be all happy and feel good, but it does have to be about the holiday season (holiday season being from Halloween to New Years Day) and fall under the catagory of fantasy.
4) If you find it too hard to write about the entire season, which is pretty broad, pick one holiday to write about.

That's it!

Have fun!


1st place winner becomes featured writer of the month in the group Project Fantasy


David M. Turner
David M. Turner
Greensboro, NC


Created Nov 9, 2007