Favorite Fictional Book Character Poems  February 21, 2009 - May 21, 2009

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Most Creative - Emblem of Love
Most Descriptive - Caedus
2nd Place - Found
3rd Place - Never Ending Love
Honorable Mention - Vampire\'s hold on her.....


Ok. well I love to read books but some times different characters seem confusing to me but other people completely understand what they do and why they do it. Tell me about your favorite fictional book character. It can be anyone from Edward Cullens to Tinker Bell.
The winners of this contest, or any contest hosted by Rosealie may be featured in our upcoming book Third Hour. If you look at the book it only has one chapter and its a bit misleading for the poetry I'm looking for but this is just a heads up. if you win and you do not wish for your work to be featured in our book then tell me within two days after the awards are posted.
1 has to be a character from a somewhat popular book. Sorry to all you self publishers out there. I have to narrow it down some how.
2. It has to be a FICTIONAL character. Sorry. I already know enough about Honest Abe and Farley Mowat to last me a life time.
3. stick somewhat to the storyline. Don't tell me that Wendy was really Captain Hook's mom. I know that ain't happening.
4. keep to the characters real personality. Don't tell me that the Mad Hatter was a sophisticated man. After all he's not called the MAD Hatter for nothing.
5. And this rule is THE MOST IMPORTANT. HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! anything else is fair game. you can have as many characters as you want and it can be as long as you want it. Good Luck and Write!


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