Fear of Love  May 14, 2013 - June 14, 2013

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Wonderful! I cried a river! - [writing deleted]
Beautiful! A tear slipped! - The Wedding
Amazing! On the verge of tears. - Piggy Rump... a love story... more or less
Lovely! My eyes watered. - [writing deleted]


Some people are afraid of love, of being loved, or loving someone. Some have reasons as to why they're afraid of it, either they had their heart ripped apart and don't want to feel that pain again, or maybe they never had anyone show them that love is a wonderful thing to feel. Maybe they feel they don't deserve love.
In this contest I want you to write me an amazing love story, a romantic, cute, story! Teenage or adult, though teenage love stories tend to be cuter sometimes but its your choice. In this story I want you to make one of the characters afraid of love, afraid to be loved, you choose! And give me the reason why.
Why is she/he afraid? What will his/her other half do to keep their love alive? Will one let the other go? Give me a true romantic love story that will make me laugh or cry, something that will have me emotions running wild.
If you have questions, then don't be afraid to ask me. This contest is kind really important to me. So give me your best, please!


Virtual ribbons! Help with solving my internal war! Satisfaction! And.... thats 'bout it.



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