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Featured Story  July 28, 2008 - August 10, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner and "Featured Story" - 3:15 From Torremolinos


This contest is to find a Featured Story for the August issue off "Spam Rations", the unofficial newsletter of Writers Cafe. All entrants must be members of the group "W/C Spam - Count Me In". As a member you will also receive a free copy of "Spam Rations" each month in your W/C mail. We will also try to run occasional contests with fun prizes. So join the group and enter the contest because I look forward to seeing all of your entries.


The winner will be the "Featured Story" in the August issue


Creepy Swine Guy
Creepy Swine Guy
Central, NY


4 Contestants
4 Submissions
Created Jul 28, 2008