Feck the Misery Contest  April 4, 2008 - May 31, 2008

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Good Writing - [writing deleted]
Contest Prize - May the truth set you free
Contest Prize - The Voice of Her


I�m looking for a short chapter that demonstrates writing talent: language and imagery, characterisation, technique, depth etc.
I�d like it to be narrated by your protagonist, and I�d like them to be aged between 13 - 19 years old [and for the story to be based in 2008].

The rules:

a) It can�t involve self-harm, suicide or a drug addiction
b) Your protagonist was not neglected or abused as a child
c) Make them as non-mindless-consumerist as you realistically can
d) Nothing particularly dramatic happens
e) No more than 1, 000ish words. Thanks.

Please proofread your entry; I can forgive a few errors, but at least pretend that you care.

Thanks. Good luck.


$0.00, a review from me of any other piece you request


Raef C. Boylan
Raef C. Boylan
Coventry, UK, United Kingdom


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