Feed the World—with Poetry!  August 20, 2012 - August 24, 2012

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The world is still hungry for your poetry! - If The Petals Have No Thorns
#2 - Night and Day
#3 - In This Lifetime
#4 - Inspire me
#5 - Alone
#6 - Your masterpiece
#7 - [writing deleted]
#8 - Out of Sight
#9 - A good word of mine
#10 - I Hate The Witches


Hello folks!

I'm new on this site, and I'm just trying to do a contest...

I really love poetry, and I know that lots of other people do, too! It can just be so sensitive and honest. I really love that about it! I'm myself very new to writing poetry, but I try!
If you are a fan of poetry, as well and are trying to get your work read, enter this contest! I'll personally read all the ten winning poems!

Please submit your poetry!
The Prize(#1): I'll review all you've posted inhere + you'll get one of those sweet award thingies!


If you place first, I am going to review all your poems!


Amanda J. S.
Amanda J. S.
Writersville, Denmark


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