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Fight to the Death!  June 16, 2011 - June 24, 2011

Contest Completed


Senior Word Warrior of the Apocalypse - [writing deleted]
Junior Assistant Undersecretary Word Warrior of the Apocalypse - War of the Dragon Tribe = Theenii's Battle
War Mouse - Masquerade Mary


Battle scenes! The best battle scene wins! Not necessarily the most epic... can be any kind of battle: duels, dogfights, humongous armies of doom, dragons, psychic, psionic, psychokinetic, psychopathic.... anything goes! No one has to die, the only requirement is that there is a fight of some sort. I'm only judging on the fight part, but a backstory is nice..... its good to know WHY people are trying to kill each other. No strict word limit, but I should be able to read it in one sitting.


$0.00, Satisfaction, a title, and a possible surprise visit from my dragon.


Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell
Atlanta, GA


3 Contestants
3 Submissions
Created Jun 16, 2011