Fill in and Finish!!!!!  October 24, 2011 - December 24, 2011

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So basically, I am going to write out the summery of a story and the contestants have to fill in and finish the story. Please copy and paste this at the top of your submission with the things you've filled in and picked out. Good luck!

Once upon a time, there was a _________, but he/ she was really a __________. He/ she lived a pretty normal life until his/her village/kingdom/town was completely wiped out by the evil god/ goddess, ________, who wished for all humans to die, so that gods could once again rule the world. With the help of ____________, the god/ goddess who love and protected the humans, he/ she sets off to avenge his/her fallen village/ kingdom/ town. He/She makes a few friends who are in a similar position as him/ her, and they decide to travel together. Their destination is Mount Dumnezeu, the home of __________, the evil god.

It can be as long as you like, so please take your time.


Virtual hugs!!! lol. just kidding


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Created Oct 24, 2011