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Filled with Inspiration  December 29, 2008 - January 12, 2009

Contest Completed


Our souls our filled with Inspiration!! - I hope I rise and analyze.
You have given us all HOPE again - From ashes a Phoenix will
So Uplifting I could fly - Beyond the Rainbow
Like Sunshine to the soul - Opening My Eyes Again
You make the world Beautiful. - On Inspiration...
Inspiration is your middle name - The Finding Out
Beautiful - Life\'s Wonders
Wonderful - New Day
Touching - Dawn Marie Davis
Uplifting - Brave Heart


Give me your most inspirational, upbeat, heart-felt, hope-filled poems to start off our new year! Make me believe again (that will be hard to do) :) Only member's of the Asylum will be considered for reward.


$0.00, a pretty blue ribbon


the looney bin


17 Contestants
29 Submissions
Created Dec 29, 2008